North Midd Triathlon

The esteemed tradition of the North Midd Triathlon was inaugurated after the last league game of 2012.

The game, involoving a couple of darts, a pool cue, a few pool balls, two stumps, lashings of beer and a bunch of rowdy cricketers was the brainchild of North Midd legend Tino Holloway.

Below are the times from the first ever edition and, in fact, are the fastest times ever recorded for the North Midd Triathlon, making them the current World records.



Tom Nicoll

1 min 58 sec


2 min 0 sec

David Stokoe

2 min 16 sec

Sammy Shep

2 min 20 sec

John "The Cat" Mills

2 min 21 sec


2 min 45 sec


3 min 30 sec

Chris Arnold

3 min 32 sec


4 min 43 sec